The Pique Knit Fabric Comeback: Vintage Textures In Modern Wardrobes

Pique knit fabric is another excellent type of clothing that anyone can buy for its polish and breathable traits. You will find them more comfortable to wear as well as for styling. Most people love it because this clothing is easy to care for and looks casual to style as a polo shirt.

Pique Knit Fabric

From the 18th century to now, polo knit fabric has been an ideal choice and still is the top priority of the fashion industry. As this clothing is so famous, it is natural you are curious to know about its features and advantages.

We are trying to elaborate on everything about this fabric so that you can find the right one while shopping.

What Does Pique Knit Fabric Mean: A Definition

Pique knit fabric can easily be identified through its unique structure, usually with a double weave. It comes with a parallel, geometric pattern sewing with cotton. If you ever touch it, this fabric feels so soft in your hand because it is unlike any ordinary cotton used here.

This unique fabric is a perfect collaboration with 100% cotton (pure cotton, which can be recycled and doesn’t leak from microplastic during washing) and other high-quality fabrics such as polyester, silk, etc. Those collaborations make them gentle and smooth to wear.

What Do Pique Knit Use For?

Pique knit is a standout fabric that is very popular for polo t-shirts. You will find it manufacturing bedsheets, waffle knit type pajamas, shirts, other cotton t-shirts, office-going ties, etc.

Besides, you will find them in more textile garments like dishwashing towels, tea towels, etc. They are usually very effective in making kitchen-used appliances for better absorbency and wavy textures.

Not only to make kitchen appliances, but those knit fabrics equally show an effective result for baby products. This is because knit fabric is so well-known for its moisture absorbency. As a result, this can be a better fit to make summer-going casual dresses.

The absorption power of sweating makes it an ideal choice for women and men. Pique fabric also makes it easier for the garment industry to manufacture high-absorbing, sweet-proof clothing and athlete suits for people.

What Makes Pique Knit Better Among Other Knit Fabric?

Pique knit is far better than other knit fabrics because of its 100% cotton-made smooth, highly polished textures. They have inherited new types of weaving capacity, making them different from others. Herein are some characteristics which a pique fabric usually comes with, including:

● Smooth And Having Smaller Thread

Not all types of fabric have the quality that a pique has. This fabric has very smooth textures, which are juxtaposed with smaller threads. Smaller thread fabric is excellent for manufacturing different textile items. They require less effort to create a casual finish throughout the clothing.

● It Has Waffle Textures

One of the most common features of a pique is waffle textures. No other material has such features because it was mainly used in anger. Waffle textures mean those clothing shave square cords along with square divots.

Apart from this, pique fabric has come out with another shape named hexadecimal-like designation. The clothing will look like the hive of bees. Some also come with a diamond-like polish with a bird’s eye pattern. These designs are an epoch that is making changes in the fashion industry.

● 100% Satisfactory Breathability

Pique fabric has ensured 100% breathability because of its small textured pattern. Since they have very minimal sewing spaces, they are well-worthy for making any clothing. They won’t be torn or damaged easily because of the sewing pattern.

● Easy To Wash

This adds another twist to their traits since they are made of 100% cotton. We know how it may feel when you must wash heavy-duty clothing daily. But if you wear pique fabric, it won’t happen to you anymore. It’s because pique clothing is very smooth, silky, and requires only mild or gentle washing. Therefore, you can wash them with less effort.

● Sweat-proof And Excellent Moisture Absorption Power

Sweat and moisture absorption power is why it differs from other knit fabrics. It can steadily dry and won’t get curly if you don’t take it to the laundry. Whether from cotton or silk, pique clothing won’t get curly or shrink after a lot of washes.

5 Types Of Pique Knit Fabric And Their Features

There are five different types of pique fabrics available for other purposes. Herein are the in-depth characteristics:

1. Baby Pique

Baby fabrics are usually made with soft, lightweight materials with an admixture of cotton and polyester. They are good at making baby clothing like panties, long-sleeved t-shirts, dresses, etc.

2. Double Pique

This is the most affordable pique fabric with an array of good traits. You will find it much more comfortable and breathable than regular fabrics. Double Pique manufactures Polo shirts, dresses, and skirts. Despite its many advantages, it will sometimes be found with a mixture of less expensive and the most expensive threads. For this, sometimes it would have been a more significant reason for your industrial factory to lose.

3. French Pique

It is a premium fabric, often known as the most expensive for its durability, excellent appearance and well-worthy draping capacity. This knit fabric is suitable for manufacturing girls’ blouses, knit skirts, shirt dresses etc.

4. Micro Pique

These fabrics have butter-like smooth and silky textures. It is visually appealing to those who love to wear golf shirts, polo t-shirts and Danish skirts.

5. Swiss Pique

There is hardly any cotton fabric you may find, like Swiss pique. It is so bouncy, stretchable, and made of high-quality cotton fiber. For this reason, this will make more reliable clothing and dresses. For knitting, this sort of fabric will usually follow twisted pair norms (both knitting and weaving), which look like the bee’s honeycomb.

How To Care For Pique Fabric?

Pique fabric also requires different cleaning strategies than any clothing fabric, like polyester, cotton, nylon, etc. You don’t need them to wash every day. But make sure they are dry after use. This means that you need to dry them to prevent them from body sweating. Here are some tips to wash and clean them accurately.

  • Wash them gently with a hand or mild cleanser, which has fewer chemicals
  • Check out the product disclaimer before washing them. Otherwise, you may ruin them.
  • Iron them with low heat. Avoid drying or ironing with high heat, which may damage their textures.


What’s The Difference Between Pique Knit And Woven Knit?

One of the common ways to find differences between them is in their knitting structure. Pique knit has cross-type fabricating construction, making its appearance durable, fancy and unique. On the contrary, woven knit has minimal sewing gaps, often resembling a mattress.

Do Pique Fabric Wrinkle?

While pique fabric is resistant to wrinkle and shrinkage, it may curl or wrinkle after washing and drying. It would help if you were careful when cleaning them. 

Why Is Lacoste Pique Fabric Popular Among The Users?

Lacoste Pique is a famous brand for its high durability and breathable products. They’re popular among people for less shrinkage and unique ground worthy of making sportswear, shirts, t-shirts, and other unique clothing.

Final Wrap

Whether you’re an athlete or a business owner thinking of launching a new company on it, it would be a great choice. Pique knit fabric is stunning and unique, making it a popular choice worldwide. Its texture and comfortable stretching traits are hardly found in other popular knitting fabrics.

From sportswear, polo shirts, pop-skirts, and men-women vests to home decor accessories like bed covers, bedsheets, Sofa covers, and cushion covers, pique knit is the best fabric. You can rely on it since it is durable and doesn’t get discolored or torn after prolonged usage.

The Pique Knit Fabric Comeback: Vintage Textures In Modern Wardrobes

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