Emmeline Apron Pattern Review

Annika writes, “This pattern is as close to perfect as any I’ve ever used…”


Montessori By Hand Emmeline Apron


Emmeline is a sweet reversible apron with a gathered bodice. Meg says: “The Emmeline Apron is the one you’ve been waiting for – modern, stylish, and fun to sew. You’ll never want to take it off!” And she’s so right! I made Emmeline as a gift, and it will be hard to part with. Fortunately, the sewing truly was fun and I can’t wait to make one for myself.

Emmeline Apron by Annika

Fabric Recommendations

I would love to see a playful version in Prints Charming (I would do rockets and stripes with red sunbursts for the straps) or Heather Ross (please don’t ask me to choose!) – but any cotton will work beautifully. Dig around in your stash and be adventurous! I didn’t think red and purple would look good together until I found the pink to tie them together (literally).


• 1 yard each of two cotton fabrics (I used fabrics liberated from my mom’s stash)
• 1 3/4 yards coordinating fabric for the straps (I used quilter’s cotton bought on sale locally and only needed about 1 yard)
• ¼ yard lightweight fusible interfacing
• color-coordinating thread
• tracking wheel or fabric marker (I used fabric pencil), scissors, pins, measuring tape

Overall Design

The construction of Emmeline is simple and intuitive, though the finished product looks complex. Little touches such as the pointed ties, gathers, and handmade bias straps give Emmeline a little something – sophisticated and homey at the same time. Extra credit for being reversible!

Written Instructions

The instructions have plenty of detail for even the most novice sewer. Everything is described in full without any unnecessary detail.

Diagrams / Images

These could only be improved by being in color, but it is truly not necessary (and I personally prefer to have a b+w pattern with the lower price tag it allows).

Pattern Pieces

The pattern pieces are full size and on heavy enough paper that you can cut them out directly if you wish to (or if you do not have tracing paper, as I discovered when I started this project).

Overall Level of Difficulty

I would call this an intermediate pattern, but with enough detail that an adventurous beginner could easily tackle it. I learned a new skill myself! I had not ever made gathers before, and it is easy-easy-easy! Some parts of Emmeline’s construction are a bit fiddly, but nothing is outright hard.

Modifications & Tips

The only portion of the instructions that might be confusing is the final part, sewing on the bias straps. It is done almost exactly like quilt binding, so I had no difficulty. There is a lot of folding and unfolding, so if you’ve never done it before just follow the instructions without thinking too much about the next step or how it will come together.


This pattern is as close to perfect as any I’ve ever used. Easy to follow, fun to sew, and a lovely finished product.

Emmeline Apron Pattern Review

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